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Release Note Episode 2.2.2

Update 1 - New Items

1. Eroded Elf Item

First of all, Eroded Elf item has been added; despite of these items low level limitation to use, it has tremendous power. However, the disadvantage of this item is time-limitation; it will disappear automatically after certain period of time. These Eroded Elf items can be achieved by destroying Holystone Keeper during Crystal battle.


2. Rare Grade D Weapon added

Not only Eroded Elf item which is for low level and time-limited but also Rare Grade D weapons for high level have been added. The thing you should know about is since Rare Grade D weapon has special effect force skill, even your class is not applicable for that force, still you can use it. So  now even your character is for defense, you can use force.

You can get these new Rare Grade D weapons by killing Boss Monster in map of dimension transfer raid - the new dungeon. You who want to have the best weapon ever, its time to rush to get it!!

[ Crimson Hora Sword [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Axe [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora  Mace [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Spear [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Hammer [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Knife [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Hand Axe [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Throwing Knife [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Bow [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Fire Arm [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Launcher [Rare D] ]

[ Crimson Hora Staff [Rare D] ]


3. RETURNEE Item for New Character

The weapon for training has been changed to RETURNEE item for those creating new character. Since RETURNEE item has level 40 intense grade of attack, it can be equipped  level 1 regardless of level and skill. For this, it is very easy to play RF Online and it will be good news for beginners. For your information, RETURNEE item is not tradable.

In addition, level 40 / 45 reward box will be given, therefore, once you reach to corresponding level, you can get level 50 / 55 level weapon  the box.





4. Level 53 New Defense Armor

The level 53 level normal and grade B defense armor &8211; middle level between level 50 and 55 - have been added for class categories of each race. Seeing is believing! Lets just take a look.









5. Superior Defense Armor added

Improved superior defense armor has been added which is better than existing level 50 grade C defense armor. This superior defense armor has 20% higher defense power than grade C defense armor and also increase 2% defense power option has been granted. Superior defense armor can be achieved by only Dark Ambassador NPC in HQs of each race and Talic Crystal and race money is needed to get.

The Talic Crystal is also newly added item; it can be made by combining of various talics. For more details on crystalloid of talic, please read &8216;system series which I will describe soon. Talic Crystal and race money needed per level are as following;

level 50 Superior Defense Armor
20 pcs of Talic Crystal & 10,000,000 of race money

level 53 Superior Defense Armor
30 pcs of Talic Crystal & 20,000,000 of race money

level 55 Superior Defense Armor
45 pcs of Talic Crystal & 30,000,000 of race money

As different with grade C item, superior items can not downgrade level to use but ability granted to the defense armor can be changed. In order to change ability, 5 pieces of Talic of Ignorant, 5 pieces Talic of Favor and 10 pieces of other Talics should be brought to NPC in HQs and then the ability of corresponding superior defense armor will be changed randomly. In addition, please remember, to change the ability, the number of sockets of Superior Defense Armor should be 7 and 5,000,000 race money will be consumed. The ability will be changed definitely but since its random, no one knows what kind of ability will be generated. 100%

6. Weapons & Defense Armor above Level 55 Rare added

New weapons and Defense Armor above level 55 Rare have been added. To achieve these weapons, gather newly added materials and bring it to NPC in HQs of each race.

Combination Item
Combination Recipe

55Lv Relic Weapon
Relic Weapon, 20 pcs of Brilliant Holy Stone, 20 pcs of Herodian Gene Chip, 70 pcs of Talic Crystal, 300,000,000 of race money

50~54Lv Special Weapon
45~49Lv Special Weapon, 15 pcs of Shining Holy Stone, 15 pcs of Herodian Gene Chip, 60 pcs of Talic Crystal, 250,000,000 of race money

55Lv Leons weapon
50Lv Leons weapon, 10 pcs of transparency Holy stone, 10 pcs of Herodian Gene Chip, 50 pcs of Talic Crystal, 200,000,000 of race money

55Lv Set item
Set item, 10 pcs of transparency Holy stone, 10 pcs of Herodian Gene Chip, 50 pcs of Talic Crystal, 200,000,000 of race money

7. Level 53, 55 Shield added

Level 53 and 55 shields can be achieved  Shield reward box and as same as superior defense armor, also can be achieved  Dark Ambassador NPC.





Update 2 - New Maps and Monsters

1. Forgotten Elven Land

Did anyone know that the latest episode of RF in Korea is known as the &8220;Forgotten Land of Elven?&8221;  If you did, youre a true RF fanatic! As you can tell  this section, the main focal point of the new episode is the new Elven map.

Only characters level 50 and above can access this map, and it will have 4 new pit bosses. If you are successful in killing these pit bosses, you can receive items such as combination recipes for level 55 and above, enhanced launcher cores, and red stone boxes. To access this map, you will need to purchase key items  an NPC in HQ.










2. New Dark Hall Battle Dungeon

This map is only accessible by characters level 53 and above and has been added along with the Forgotten Elven Land. Just like accessing the Elven Land, you will need to purchase a key  the NPC in HQ to access this map.

Just like the other Dark Hall Battle Dungeons, there are 10 maps total and you can get D grade weapons as well as B grade level 55 weapons! So those dreaming of owning their own D grade weapons, come and take a look at what will be standing in your way!

| Sealed Belpegore - Cactus Jail(Beast Mountain)



| Sealed Flame Draco - Farm of Hades(Cauldron)



| Sealed teledeon - Ruin Zone(Sette Desert)



| Sealed Soul Sinder - Scotoma(Elan)



| Sealed Hora Baal Hamon - Gun Powder(Biolab)



| Sealed Taraven - Stonewall(Outcast Land)



| Sealed Dagan - Steamer(Numerus Stockade)



| Sealed Hora Blade Phone - Chess(Armory-213)



| Sealed Dagon - Nightmare(Solus Settlement)



| Sealed Caliana Queen - Illusion bowl(Ether)



4. Gamble Box

New pit boss reward items have also been added. You can get these reward items  the Gamble Box and the contents can be 1 of 2 types: Valuable or Invaluable.

There are various kinds of Gamble Boxes such as Treasure Box, Elemental Gamble Box, and Earring Gamble Box, and the contents also vary. Even if you get the Invaluable items, if you collect enough of these, they can be exchanged for a reward item.





5. Other Changes

Map level requirements have also been changed as well as the levels of some of the monsters, their spawn areas, and their drops.

Kartella Bio Laboratory
level 50

Beast Mountain
level 49

Outcast Land
level 51

Level 31~60 monsters now also spawn within the HQ and Territory maps of each race to solve the lack of hunting field issue. The reward items for the level 30~45 and Hora Battle Dungeons have also been changed.

Update 3 - NPC Quest

I believe those who have already experienced RF Online know well how Quests work. Quests are granted in according to a players level or quest performance so that he or she will not have too much difficulty completing it.

The advantages of doing quests is that they offer an alternative way of leveling without much hassles and this also allows them to focus on PvE (player versus environment) battles.  However, since quests are fairly simple in nature, long-time players might get bored completing them.

In order to breathe new life into the quests, new Quest NPCs have been added.  Since players will have to look for these quest NPCs, it should provide some new challenges to veteran players.

What makes these NPC quests different is that the quests they give cannot be achieved through hunting alone, instead these quests have to be completed within a certain time (Timed Quests).  These quests include hunting quests, PK related quests, and Pit Boss quests.  In all there are more than 100 quests!!

Id love to introduce them all one by one, but given the limited time (and space) for this report, Ill just introduce some of them.  But I will include a summary of the quest information at the end of this article.

&8251; Important reminders : since this edition is based on the test client, the quest and/or reward items may be changed when it will be applied to commercial server.


1. Stranger in the Desert

One of the first considerations that need to be taken into account before taking on an NPC quest is your characters level.  It wont be difficult to identify which quests are available for your level since an icon will appear over the NPCs head if they have an available quest for your level.

Even though these are new quests, they also appear in the quest information section of your journal menu (keyboard J), so everyone can easily adapt to it.

Lets try a quest as a preview.  Look for the Portal NPC Garrung who stands guard in the entrance of the Volcanic Cauldron area in Sette Desert and try to receive his quest.  The quest brief tells us that the Trial Lunkers have become violent in Sette, apparently due to an infection of the Herodian Virus, and you have been tasked to retrieve the Desert Infection Measuring Unit which are inside the Trial Lunkers bodies.



Once you return to Garrung with the quest item, you will receive 5 Black Sparkling Stones as a reward.  Yes, I know it doesnt sound like much, but lets just focus on the quests first.  When you continue your conversation with Garrung, he will ask you to enter Cauldron to retrieve the Volcano Pollution Measuring Unit.  So thats what the Black Sparkling Stones are for!


Once in Cauldron, you will need to hunt the Infernal Demolis to get the Volcano Pollution Measuring Unit.  Return to Garrung, and he will ask you to bring it to your race manager.



Once you bring it to the race manager, he will as you to bring it to the Tribunal Representative.  Once he receives the quest item, you will be awarded the Accretian Letter of Appointment and he will ask you to do him a favor in Cauldron.  Once you have completed the favor for the Tribunal Representative, you will be rewarded with 3,000,000 in racial currency and one intense level 45 weapon.  Also, the Accretian Letter of Appointment will be needed to obtain succeeding quests, so be sure not to lose it!


2. Turncoat Accretians

the heat of Cauldron to icy Ether. If you go to Jobty, a Kartellan merchant, he will ask you to defeat Black Sign troops.  I cant imagine what type of reward would be worth taking them on.  It would be advisable to create a strong party before taking them on, but after defeating the Black Sign troops in the Kartella Biolab, you will be asked to track down their Commander, &8220;if its not too much to ask&8230;&8221;  Somehow, I think it is.



After defeating the Black Sign Commander, you will now be tasked to kill the Black Sign Pit Boss.  I hope I heard wrong, but I dont think he was kidding.


Since this is one of the strongest pit bosses, you WILL need to arm yourselves for the boss hunt.  Once you complete the Black Hand quests, you will receive 10,000,000 racial currency and one of the weapons of the Black Sign.  These are one of the strongest weapons in the game however its also a time-limit item and will be lost once the time limits reached.


3. Operation-N

Most level-related quests and NPC quests are only available once, however, there will be a new NPC that will offer repeatable quests for high-level players.

If you go to the Veteran, he will ask you to defeat Caliana Crues, Atrocs, and Archers.  I think this should be easier than defeating the Black Sign.  After completing this mission, a quest to defeat Infernal Lavas in Cauldron awaits!  Once thats completed, you will be asked to take down Knights, Casters, Millers, and Chandras.




After completing tasks in Ether, Cauldron, Crag Mine and Sette Desert, you will now need to defeat Summoners, Black Knights, Commandos, and Snipers. And as every valiant effort deserves an equal reward, one Potion of Experience is given as a reward for each completed quest.


Since the Potion of Experience increases experience by a certain percentage depending on your level, it will be very helpful for players who are trying to increase their levels.


1. Evidence of Machine Civilization

Since I had a hard time with the Accretian high-level quest, this time Ill take a look at the Bellato low-level quest.  NPC quests start at level 20, so when you hit that magic number, you can start taking on these quests.

If you go to Monk, the Armor NPC in HQ, he will ask you to bring Rigor Lapis skins to the UNIT NPC.  You will need to go to the field and kill Rigor Lapis for their skins.  Since most of you would have at least one Returnee item, this shouldnt be much of a challenge (pawnage, anyone? Haha).  After gathering the skins, go to Amin Sharara, the UNIT NPC and he will ask you to look for the Accretian captive located in the Outpost.  Since we cant freely communicate with enemy races, a language decoder would be needed.  Go out in the field and acquire one by killing Grumbles.  How that ended up in a Grumble, I dont think I even want to know.  The important thing is, it has it and we need it, so its as good a dead.




Once you have the language decoder, visit the captive in the Outpost before returning to Monk and you will receive the new buffer potion (99 pcs) as a reward.  This potion will increase your attack, defense, and HP by 10% so it will be a big help in leveling.  Dont forget that this can only be used until level 40, so make sure that you use it up before hitting level 41.

2. The Spys Clue

If you go the Billionaires Assistant in Anacaade Settlement, you will be asked to look for an escaped Accretian.  Since hes an Accretian, we cant let him stay loose in Anacaade, so we need to hunt him down immediately.  The problem is, this particular Accretian is fleet of foot and will wander all over the map.  This may be a tiring quest, but what can we do?  A soldiers gotta do what a soldiers gotta do.  The assistant will give you clues as to the Accretians location, but dont rely on him too much.  He once told me the Accretian was in Crawler Highland but I found it in Thunder Cliff.  He might me laughing about it, but Im certainly not amused.


The Accretians name is As02-R1-409518.  Once you manage to find him, its time to take him down.  Youll need to prepare for this one especially if youre of a low level, because hes mostly likely of a higher level than you, plus hes classified as an Ace.  Once you defeat the Accretian, you will receive his belongings.  Take these to the Billionaires assistant, and he will ask you to investigate the crashed space ship in Sette Desert.


Fast forward to Sette.  One thing that you need to remember is to watch out for enemy races and hostile NPCs.  After inspecting all the parts of the space ship, such as the fragments of the wing, fore, aft, as well as the engine and the navigation equipment, you will be asked to defeat the Frenzy Ratmoth pit boss.  Wait a minute&8230; we have to kill a WHAT?!



Okay, since theres no way around this, well need to get ourselves a decent party to take down the Frenzy Ratmoth.  If successful, a 35lv 1~7 ignorance upgrader [grade B] will be given as a reward.  Since its not likely that youll have any weapons worth using these on at this stage, it would be better to keep them for now and use them later.



3. Corite Conspiracy

Lets now have a look at the time-limit quests.  If you go to the Inspector in the Outpost, you will learn that the captured Corite spy has installed a nuclear bomb in HQ.  So your mission is to find the bomb and you have 10 minutes to do so.


If you see a message saying &8220;nuclear launch detected&8221;, it means that the bomb is nearby, otherwise it would be better to look else.  If the time runs out, dont expect to see HQ fly off its foundations because it wont.  Youll only fail the quest, but the HQ still stays right  it is.


After removing the nuclear bomb, go back to the Inspector and you will find that the Corite soldier has escaped!  Youre now tasked to hunt down the escaped convict and once you have defeated him, you will be rewarded with a level 35 armor exchange coupon.  This can be changed to level 35 armor.



1. Notice: Discontinuation of Operation

If you go to the race manager in HQ, you will be asked to investigate why there was a discontinuation of operation of the passenger ship.  If the transport service is discontinued, Ether will no longer be accessible, so its best to go see Meaty, the Kartellan ticket agent at the HQ dock as soon as possible.  Meaty will ask you to kill the Rex Cannibal pit boss which lives in Rock Cavern, Haram Stockade.  As with any pit boss, youll need to gather a good party to kill it.  Defeating the Rex Cannibal will give you Experience Recovery Capsule (E), 10 pcs Ether tickets, and the Corite Letter of Appointment.  As with the Accretian quest, you will need to keep the Letter of Appointment for the next leg of the quest.




2. Sealing Reagents

Bring the Letter of Appointment to the race manager.  You will be tasked to acquire Scud Lava Ichor in Elan Plateau.  Once you have gathered 10 Scud Lava Ichor, bring it to Noah Dell, the armor NPC in HQ.  He will make an item  this called the &8220;Wave of Dimension&8221; which he will give to you.



The race manager, Quaine Khan, will order you to bring the Wave of Dimension to Garrung, the civilized Crawler who guards the entrance of Volcanic Cauldron.  Garrung will then ask you to collect Volcano Pollution Measuring Unit II  Cauldron monsters.  To enter Cauldron, you will need to have a Black Sparkling Stone with you, so make sure to have one before going to meet Garrung.

After collecting 5 pcs of Volcano Pollution Measuring Unit II, go back to Garrung.  Your reward will be 2,000,000 racial currency and experience potion.  The experience potion will increase your experience by 5%, but it will disappear  your inventory if not consumed within 3 hours, so use it before its gone for good.


3. Mineral Vein Information

This is another one of the repeatable quests for high-level players like Operation-N.  If you go to the expensive rare weapon NPC in HQ, you will be asked to obtain information about a mineral vein  a Corite deserter in the Warehouse located in Armory-117.

Since Armory-117 is an Accretian-controlled area, be careful not to bump into hostiles.  Once you reach the Warehouse, kill the deserters &8211; Warlocks and Templars.  Once theyre eliminated, you will also need to track and eliminate their comrades located in Vafer Shrine (Numerus Stockade) and Herodian Plant (Anacaade Settlement) while Quaine Khan mobilizes people to inspect the mineral vein.


Start with Vafer Shrine in Numerus Stockade, since this is the safer location, and kill Berserkers and Hidden Soldiers.  Once this is completed, head on to Herodian Plant in Anacaade Settlement.  This area in controlled by Bellato, so it would be wise to look out for repellers while completing this quest.  Once you kill the Berserkers and Hidden Soldiers, you will receive a summons  Quaine Khan to go to the Kartella Biolab and eliminate Eisen Ritter (you serious?!) who stands guard at the Central Control Room.


Since shes the leader, she should know whats best for the race (I hope).  Go to Kartella Biolab and kill Eisen Ritter in the Central Control Room.  A reward of 1,500,000 race currency will be given along with experience potion.


Appendix ~ Summery of Newly Added NPC Quests per Race

&9632; Accretia NPC Quest

1st Quest


2nd Quest


High-Level Repeatable Quest


&9632; Bellato NPC Quest

1st Quest


2nd Quest


High-Level Repeatable Quest


&9632; Cora NPC Quest

1st Quest


2nd Quest


High-Level Repeatable Quest


Update 4 - Race Specialties & Skills

Race Specialties are the symbols representing the 3 races of RF Online. In this chapter, 3 Race Specialties for level 55 and newly added skills and also other changes will be introduced. New 3 Race Specialties, you guys already excited about it, arent you? You have level up a little bit more, so that you can enjoy these features soon.

1. 3 Race Specialties

Bellato -  Level 55 MAU

Level 55 MAU has been newly added, and the price is same as level 50 MAU.
In addition, the shooting range of Catapult above level 55 has been enhanced vastly and HP is increased to 160 thousand.







Also, wearing level per MAU equipment part has been changed and UI for riding on MAU has been changed too.


By those keys beside of shift in the right side of keyboard, you can operate functions easily such as [,] is for main weapon, [.] is supplementary weapon and [/] is for getting off  the MAU.

Accretia - Level 55 Siege Kit

Sniper Lecas Siege Kit (for Launcher)

This sniper siege kit can shoot further than the existing Red siege kit but the disadvantage is that you can not use it for short range shooting and the rate of fire is pretty slow.


Fire Lecas Siege Kit (for Flamethrower)

The speed of continuous firing is a bit enhanced and accuracy rate is tremendous.



Cora - Animus Level Increased

The maximum level of an Animus summoned by Cora has been increased to level 55, and the rules to leveling up of Animus have been changed slightly. Newly amended rules are only applicable for level 50 and above characters; previously  an Animus can be summoned by summon skill PT, but  now on, if the animus is 2-levels higher than level of summoner, animus reaver can not be equipped and if its 1 level higher, EXP can not be gained.


In the case HP of Hecate is level 51 above, 2000 each will be increased and Heal recovery amount of Inanna has been changed to increase above level 51.





2. New Skills Added

1. Common for 3 Races

2nd class skills for Ranger type characters of all races except Accretia have been added.

- Short Distance Firing

Accuracy rate has been increased dramatically and attack with stun can be used in vicinity.


2. Cora Grazer

- Life Conflict

To yourself and same race, for 300 seconds, HP maximum PT will be increased by 10% and force, distance, vicinity attack power will be increased by 5%.

- Skill Cost: FP 1700, SP 300


3. Bellato Ranger

- Type 1st Skill

Accuracy rate 25 increase effect is added to Strong and Hide which is skill of Bellato 1st Ranger class.

- Skill Cost: FP 150, SP 600



3. Accretia Dementer

- skill changes

Dread-mind  Dementer skill has been deleted and new On-air Buff Skill is added.

- Hyper R.P.M

Distance attack power will be increased by 15% for 120 seconds.

- Skill Cost: FP 250, SP 600


Also, damage of pray explosion, Dementers class skill, is increased by 10%.

3. Other changes

The function indicating characters skill/force is added and the holy shield defense increase values of Bellato holy force has been changed as follows;




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