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Release Note Episode 2.1.5

Episode 2 Part 1 5th Update
Episode 2 Part 1 Update Patch Notes

Class C Armour Update

1. It is now possible to combine Class C Armour and Class C Shields.

After taking the combination material to the Hero, players may &168;C depending on the probability &168;C receive the combined item.

Combination material
* Purple Excelsior Class C : 1
* Purple Excelsior 99 Pieces
* Red Stone 10
* Armour ability 10 for each option
* 1~5 favour upgraded Class B Armour/Shield(The more favour the item has, the higher probability of success)

Armour ability can randomly be acquired  the ability box.
* Can be acquired  monster classes higher than Turncoat in the Sette Desert.
* Can be acquired  monsters in Cauldron Volcano Area.
* Can be acquired  monsters in Elan area.
* Can be acquired  pit bosses.

2. Red Stones will now be produced after processing Ore +3

This product is used as a combination material for Class C Armour.

Level 50 Battle Dungeon Update

1. Level 50 Raid Battle Dungeon has been added.

Upon completion of the Dungeon, players may be awarded Lv 50 Ancient[Leons Weapon item]item pieces.

2. The Following pit bosses will drop the Lv 50 gateway:

    * Pit Boss in Elan area.

    * Belphagor in Cauldron Volcano area.

    * Hora Amored Ghost in Sette Desert

Guild Room Update

1. Guild Room NPC has been added

Each race will have two kinds of Guild Room NPCs: Standard and Special.
After the Lv 50 contents update, part of these items will be sold by SPECIAL NPCs.

Items sold by the Guild Room NPC will be renewed every two hours.

List of items sold  Guild Room NPC:


Item Update

Normal Item

Standard items sold by NPCs.

Rare Item

Same weapons as Normal, but has additional abilities.

    * Class A : Additional Ability
    * Class B : Standard Ability Increase
    * Class C : Additional Ability + Standard Ability Increase + Level Limit adjustment

Ancient Item

Item used by Novusians against Ancient Herodians.

    * Uniform : Only race leader/guild master can wear this uniform.
    * Race Leader Uniform : Only Race Leader can wear this armour
    * Guild Master Uniform : Only guild master can wear this armour.
    * Leons Weapon

Relic Item

The most common soul weapon used in the past. (characteristic : activation)

    * Special Weapon : Weapon made for Combat, Class Skill will be activated.
    * Native Weapon : Strong Damage + Force will activate depending on the additional option and probability.

Hero Item

Beginning of recently recreated Soul Weapon in Novus

Majesty Item

Ages ago, during the war with the Herodians; Taurus Shirine Unions predictors gave this treasure to human beings to ensure an alliance between the two races. (Not developed yet)


1. [Expensive Rare Amour/Weapon Vendor] Their item price has been increased.

Armour/Weapon Crafting requires more components.

Chance of crafting Intense Armour/Weapon has been increased.

Loot has been erased  HQ Sundry Shops selling list.

2. Healing Grenade has been added.

Can be purchased  Platform Sundry Shop (Porty NPC).

Level 30+ grenade launchers only

3. Excelsior (not the piece) will not be dropped in Cauldron Volcanic area anymore.

Excelsior piece will be dropped as before.

[silver and gold catalyst] Price decreased greatly.

4. Ancient [Leons Weapon items] item has increased attack points.

It is higher than intense weapons of the same level.

Min and Max damage now has a greater gap between them.

5. Accretians elemental accessories no longer have detect ability

Normal accessories with detect option will remain the same.

6. Level 50 Ancient [Leons Weapon item] item has been added.

A single piece will be given when completing level 50 raid battle dungeons.

Combining is not 100% guaranteed and CAN fail.

Force & Skill Update

1. Accretias Punisher class now has a shorter delay on their Magnetic net class skill.

40 sec
> 25 sec

But the SP Cost has increased to 120

2. MAU secondary Weapons quantity has changed.

Curve Web Energy is changed to 2PCS

Multi Missile is changed to 5PCS

3. Every force skill (Debuff, Buff) can now only be cast when holding a staff.

Holy and Dark force are exceptions and can be cast regardless of what you have equipped.

4. Debuff force delay is greatly increased.

Basic has the same delay as before.

Expert delay has been doubled.

Elite delay has been tripled.

5. Debuff forces duration has increased.

Basic has the same duration as before.

Experts duration has increased moderately.

Elites duration has increased greatly.

6. Debuff forces casting delay has increased greatly.

Basic has the same casting delay as before.

Experts casting delay has increased moderately.

Elites casting delay has increased greatly.

Thawing / Release are the only exceptions. Refreshing, individual cancellations are not.

UI Update

1. Quest Help window now shows Racial information (ownership of settlements, Tax information etc.)

Archon, Settlement owning guilds, UTS tax rate will all be displayed.

UTSs weekly and daily trades will be displayed.

2. Improved Chatting Feature

Normal, Guild, and Map chat now shows both your own and other&161;&175;s grade.

    * Saving greeting message saves date as well.

[Guild] Guild masters chatting message colour has changed.

If too many letters are in the combo box, once users hover their mouse cursor over the message the whole message will be displayed.

    * It is when UTS list has too many letters.

Party / Guild / Archon chatting display has been changed.

    * No abbreviation of Party and Guild anymore.

3. Effect added.

When a skill finishes its cool down time, the icon glows.

Item mall item update

1. Item mall box item has been added.


2. Socket box has been added

Socket extender [normal weapon], [A
class weapon], [B
class weapon], [C
class weapon], [normal armour], [B
class armour], [normal shield], [A
class shield], [B
class shield]

Socket extender will extend items socket by one.

7 socket items cannot be upgraded further.

3. Attack potion A set exchange coupon has been added.

You can use it at the Hero NPC to get potion sets.

Exchange item (all 3 sets)

    * Attack Point 55% Increase Potion 1 set
    * Attack Point 35% Increase + Skill delay 1.5 sec decrease Potion 1 set
    * Attack Point 35% Increase + Accuracy Increase by 40 Potion 1 set

Update on Monster NPC

1. Wadin NPC has been added to Elan map.

Located at Novas Tree

Sells level 50 items.

2. Pit Boss Hora Armoured Ghost has been added to Sette Desert.

3. Attack Power of normal monsters has been increased slightly.

4. HP/HP Regeneration has been doubled and attack power has been increased slightly for all Pit Bosses.

Pit Bosses at Elan have not had their attack power increased.

5. Number of Debuffs to monsters has been increased.

Normal Monsters
> 3

Pit Bosses
> 6

6. Aggressive point
calculating period for all monsters has been increased slightly.

7. Duration time for casting on monsters has been increased.

Force/Skill : 6~15 sec at maximum for each level.

Class Skill : Changed to 12 sec

Grenade Launcher : Changed to 15 sec.

8. Map acquire probability  Chooty has been slightly increased.

9. Fotty NPC at Ether port sells more items.

Sold items at Platform have been added.
Launchers, Missiles, and Traps have been added.

Can confirm what you need to combine for a certain Item.

10. When time left is 60 sec and 30 sec in Dungeon Gate, Quake (earthquake) effect appears on screen

11. Some changes to the Battle Dungeon.

When bosses emerge, clear Exp pt has been increased.
15~20 level dungeons are not affected by this change.

Talics and wide range jewels have been removed  Reward items within all battle dungeons.*

*Dark Hole is excluded  this new change.

12. Respawn period for Chip Guards near the Chip has been decreased substantially, they now respawn much faster.

Bug fixes

1. Fixed: Not intended item coming  Race Leader box.

No more Cape / Mantle coming  Race Leader box.

2. Fixed: When manually stopping Macro system, characters didnt resume auto attack.

3. War Quest info has been added to Quest Window.

4. When combining items, you can move the other items in the inventory socket (red).

5. Items registered in UTS are automatically renewed after the purchase.

6. Some quest errors are modified.

In lv 15 quest, upper and lower armour has been changed  lv 13 intense to lv 16 intense.

In lv 19 quest, reward item has been changed  lv 28 spear to lv 20 spear.

In lv 21 quest, lv 20 spear reward item has been changed to lv 22 spear.

In lv 24 quest, lv 30 spear reward item has been changed to lv 25 spear.

In lv 27 quest, lv 22 spear reward item has been changed to lv 28 spear.

7. Restoration rate of Baal Hamon in Dark hole has been fixed.

8. FIXED: When Sacrifice is registered in FP Macro Potion, Sacrifice is executed twice.

9. Sorting by level in UTS has been fixed to work appropriately.

10. FIXED: UTS cancelling automatically, when user logs in.

11. When winning the chip war, reward has been fixed.

12. Fixed: After setting HELP to OFF, it automatically sets back to ON.

13. When targeting Player or NPC, UI colour has been changed to distinguish each Race.

15. Now, users can attack Guard Tower during the Guild Scramble.

Episode 2 Part 2


1. Additional Battle Dungeon Reward Items

Accessory Items are as follows:

Bellato :
Amulet: +Attack
Ring: +Defence

Cora :
Amulet: +Attack
Ring: +Defence

Accretia :
Ring: +Movement Speed

2. Changed Item Name Update

a. Normal
Ordinary Items sold in the store.

b. Rare

    * Item that are similar to Normal weapon but possess additional abilities.

Class A : Additional Ability
Class B : Vastly Improved Standard Ability
Class C : Additional Ability + Vastly improved standard ability + adjustment of Level requirement

c. Ancient
Uniform : Only the Race Leader/Guild Master can wear the uniform
Race Leader Clothing : Only the Race Leader can wear this Armour
Guild Master Clothing : Only the Guild Master can wear this Armour
Leon weapon

d. Relic

    * The most common weapon among the spirit weapons used in the past

Special Weapon: Weapon exclusively for Battle, a chance for a Class Skill to activate during use
Native weapon: Strong damage and extra options, a chance for a Force Power to activate during use

e. Hero

    * Currently recreated spirit weapon in Novus (Not embodied yet)

f. Majesty

    * Long time ago, Taurus Shrine Union Predictors tried to ally with the human beings, in doing so they have delivered a treasure. (Not embodied)

3. Addition of Relic weapon Item

Effect Image can be different depending on the Item Upgrade status

    * In this Update, only the sealed weapon will be added

Sealed Weapon can be acquired at the Dark hole
Players will be able to unseal the weapon by acquiring the materials  the upcoming Elf Map
Unsealed Item will have upgrade and Special Effects

    * Attack point will be similar to a Level 50 Intense, and upgrade will be impossible for the sealed weapon
    * A Force Power will be activated during use based on a fixed percentage for the Relic weapon

4. Addition of Special weapon Item

    * A Class skill will be activated based on a fixed percentage when the Special Item is in use

The type of the Class Skill is different depending on the type of weapon

    * Upgrade is Possible

5. Addition of Ancient [weapon pieces] Item

    * Only 40, 45 Level Weapons Exist

Even if it is a same weapon, the numerical value of the option may be different

    * It is possible to acquire a new weapon by going to the Hero NPC and combine the weapon pieces and Blue Print
    * Combination materials are [4 weapon pieces + 1 Blue Print = 5] materials are needed
    * Even if the tooltip is different for the pieces with identical names, Combination is possible
      Eg. 1
    * 0 pieces and 2
    * 2 pieces are possible to combine if their names are same
    * Even for the pieces with identical names, the success rate is different depending on the types of the pieces
    * Weapon pieces and Blue Prints are acquired in the different types of Battle Dungeon
    * In 41 ~ 45 Dungeon, it is possible to acquire Level 40 limit weapon pieces
    * In 46 ~ 50 Dungeon, It is possible to acquire Level 45 limit weapon pieces
    * Weapon pieces cannot be traded, but the final product can be traded

6. Addition of Clothing Item

    * Standard Clothing :

Limited to Level 40, No limit for PT. Only for Race Leader, Secondary Race Leader / GuildMaster
Normal Clothing can be bought  the Hero, Trade / Drop is possible
: Anyone can buy it, but only Race Leader, Secondary Race Leader / GuildMaster can wear it
The normal clothing sold by HeroNPC is for GuildMaster / Race Leader

    * Guild Master Clothing :

Limited to Level 45, No limit for PT, Guild Master can wear it.
It has improved ability over the Standard Clothing
Possible to acquire through combination
: Combination materials are possible to acquire  Varas
GuildMaster Clothing is impossible to trade/drop after the Combination

    * Race Leader Clothing :

Limited to Level45, No limit for PT. Race Leader, Secondary Race Leader can wear it
It has improved ability over the Standard Clothing
Possible to acquire through Combination
: Combination materials are possible to acquire  Varas
Race Leader Clothing is impossible to trade/drop after the Combination

7. Addition of Cape Item

    * It is possible to acquire through the Guild War Reward

There exists 4 different resistances, 5 different capes that possess Critical defence ability

    * Only the Characters with Level 40 or over can wear the Cape
    * The possible upgrade talic depends on the ability / resistance that the Cape possesses
    * Booster Skill can only be activated when the cape is equipped, and the character will float a little when the Booster Skill is activated
      : It is possible to check the Booster Skill in the Skill window [Item Skill] Menu ion
    * When the Booster is in use, all current movement speed modifiers are no longer valid, and only the Booster movement speed Effect will be applied to the character
    * While the Booster is in use, SP will be consumed quickly
    * The Booster will stop working if W is pressed (changing Walk/Run mode)
    * After pressing H on the keyboard, it is possible to use Keyboard mode to move around with the Booster
    * The animation of the Cape is different for each race
    * The activation sound effect of the Cape is different for each race

8. Addition of Expensive Items Seller NPC.

    * Expensive Items Seller NPC is at each races HQ

Expensive Items Seller NPC sells A & B Class Items, Accessory, etc

    * Expensive Items Seller Position Information

Expensive Rare Weapon / Consumption Goods Seller: Near Mineral Seller
Other Expensive Items Seller: Near each related goods Seller

9. Certain Talic Effects have been changed

    * Wisdom Talic (Armour: Helmet)
          o Cancellation Skill is changed to depend on the probability
          o Cancellation Skill removes all the continuing skill or force

    * Restoration Talic
          o The talic now removes the last talic in the item not all of the talics
          o After removing the last installed talic, corresponding talic will appear in the inventory
          o If the Inventory is full, it will drop on the floor. Looting authority will be granted to the Character for certain amount time

    * Darkness Talic (Armour: Glove)
          o It has been changed to lower the opponents block rate.

10. Negative resistances have been removed  Favor talics.

11. Addition of Defence Point Potion

    * Addition of +20% Defence Point Potion.
          o Possible to purchase it  accessory Seller in Elan plateau.

12. Addition of Radar Item

    * Radar item displays the specified information on the mini-map, map must be open before activating.
          o Possible to purchase it  Expensive supply Seller NPC in HQ

    * Items in detail
          o Satellite Radar : Displays the same race and Pitbosses on the mini-map
          o High-speed Satellite Radar : Displays the same race and other races on the mini-map
          o Ultra Satellite Radar : Displays the same race, other races and Race Leader on the mini-map

13. Addition of Cure Grenade

    * Name : Cure Grenade
          o Effect : Removes debuffs  an ally
          o How to purchase? : Possible to purchase  weapon store
          o Usage : Only possible to use within the Accretian Race

14. Addition of Rare Item, cost of storing is 1000 Game money.

    * Its the part of the items that can be acquired  the Rare Item manufactured 3 times through Jewellery Collector

15. Cure Potions for the three races usage delay has been changed to 5 seconds

Battle Dungeons

Part of the level 41 ~ 50 Battle Dungeon Monsters abilities have been changed.

    * Clod Battle Dungeon
          o Heavy Meat Clod Boss HP doubled.

    * Hobo Battle Dungeon
          o Armoured Hobo Blade Boss HP doubled.
          o Changed to recover the HP.

    * King Tweezer Battle Dungeon
          o Regular Monster HP doubled.

    * Passer Battle Dungeon
          o Armoured Passer Beta Boss HP doubled.
          o Changed to recover the HP.

    * Thorn Ash Battle Dungeon
          o Regular Monster HP doubled.
          o Changed  hunting 200 monsters to 300 monsters

    * Anabola Battle Dungeon
          o Regular Monster HP doubled.
          o Changed  hunting 200 monsters to 300 monsters

    * Heller Battle Dungeon
          o Queen Naiad Heller Boss HP doubled.
          o Changed to recover the HP.

    * Calliana Battle Dungeon
          o Regular Monster HP doubled.

    * Snatcher Rex Battle Dungeon
          o Snatcher Horn Rex Boss HP doubled.
          o Changed to recover the HP.

    * Turncoat Battle Dungeon
          o Turncoat Commander Boss HP doubled.
          o Changed to recover the HP.

2. Battle Dungeon Gate Drop positions have been changed.

    * Ether Area: Can only receive Level 41 ~ 45 Battle Dungeon Gates
    * Cauldron Volcano Area: Can only receive Level 46 ~ 50 Battle Dungeon Gate.
    * Acquire the Dark Hole dungeon at Elan Plateau

3. Dark Hole difficulty and reward have been changed.

Please note: The below is for Dark Hole&8217;s only!

    * Entry level has been changed  43 to 45
    * EXP reward have been increase by a lot.
    * The reward has been increased as well.
          o Elemental accessories and C Class weapons reward probability have been increased dramatically.

    * The additional time for hunting Steamer Area Regular Monsters has been changed  3 sec to 2 sec.

4. Gate manager and Gate structure positions have been changed.

    * Bellato: Moved near to Hero area.
    * Cora: Moved near to portal area.
    * Accretia: Moved near to portal area.

5. When a Gate is opened, the animation effect is only visible to the Party that opened the gate.

6. The difficulty of the Battle Dungeon for lower level players have been reduced.

    * Level 15~20 Dungeon: Monster number decreased by 50% and time bonus increased  2 sec to 5 sec for each kill.
    * Level 21~25 Dungeon: Monster number decreased by 30% and time bonus increased  2 sec to 4 sec for each kill.
    * Level 26~30 Dungeon: Monster number decreased by 30% and time bonus increased  2 sec to 3 sec for each kill.

Processing / Mining

1. During Mineral processing, number of items appearing have been decreased by a little.

    * The processing fee has been decreased proportionally to the decrease in the number of items appearing.

2. Mined Ore can no longer be dropped or placed in bank storage.

    * It is possible to sell the items to the store or trade between the players, also the selling price has been dropped drastically.

3. Addition of Jewellery collecting Monster Quest.

    * During monster hunting the probability of the rare stone dropping has been fixed.
    * The acquired stone can be processed, crafted, and manufactured in to Jewellery through the mineral seller.
    * If the player gives the processed stone, crafted stone, or manufactured Jewellery to the Jewellery-collecting monster, the player will receive a Present Box depending on the value of the stone.
    * Different kinds of rewards will be rewarded when the present box is opened.


4. Clicking on the Ore in the UMT Storage will move it directly to your Inventory.

5. Talics can no longer be received  processing +4 Ore.

6. The amount of time between receiving ore  mining in the portal area of Crag Mine has been increased dramatically.


1. Elemental Accessory Combination is possible.

    * All three races can combine the Elemental Accessory, if the combination is a success, the option will be Upgraded.
          o It is only possible to combine those accessories with Attack, Defence or Avoidance.

Combination Method



1. While hunting as a party, bonus EXP has been adjusted.

    * 2 player party: Decrease by a little.
    * 3 ~ 7 player party: No change
    * 8 player party (Full Party): Wide range increased.
    * During hunting as a party, bonus EXP points will be shown as a System message.

2. Graizer Class Skill [Maximum Animus] Effect has been reinforced.

    * The increasing effect is different depending on the ability of each animus.
    * Isis : Increase in Attack.
    * Paimon : Increase in Defence.
    * Inanna : Increase in Health Recovery.
    * Hecate : Increase in the probability of Critical hit.

3. Some Animus abilities have been improved and the attack method has been changed.

    * Inanna
    * Health Recovery usage range increased.
    * Hecate - Attacking method has been changed  individual attack to range attack.
          o Effect have changed to explosive kind.

4. Elan Plateau Monster accuracy rate has been increase.

5. The position and number of some monsters in Ether has been changed.

    * White Hole
          o The number of Caliana have been decreased by a large amount.
          o The number of Hobo Blade and Passer Alpha have been increased by a little.
          o As the player moves towards the middle of the map, the number of Caliana monsters increases.

    * Captivating land
          o Caliana Archer have been decreased by a large amount
          o The number of Assassin Builder B monsters has increased slightly.
          o As the player moves towards the middle of the map, the number of Assassin Builder B increases.
          o Caliana Archer attack range has decreased a little.

6. Acquiring the monster Item has been adjusted.

    * Acquiring the Passer Beta, Caliana Atroc , Cru Item adjusted.

7. Ability increasing Potion delay has been changed.

    * Composed, Offence, Defence Potion delay has changed to 10sec.

8. System Guard Tower Attacking Power has increased.

9. Defence Gauge damage has been changed.

    * Damage  the monster will effect more on the defence gauge.

10. During the stealth mode, the animus will not be summoned, and the summoned animus will return as well.

11. Elemental resistances have been changed.

    * Fire
          o Weaker at water element and stronger at earth element. No effect on fire or wind element.

    * Water
          o Weaker at wind element and stronger at fire element. No effect on water or earth element.

    * Earth
          o Weaker at fire element and stronger at wind element. No effect on earth or water element.

    * Wind
          o Weaker at earth element and stronger at aqua element. No effect on wind or fire element.

12. Resistance related balance has been re-adjusted.

    * Accessory Resistance has decreased by a wide range.
    * The resistance increasing value and effect due to the Resistance Talic Upgrade has been decreased by a large amount
    * Ranger Armour Resistance has decreased by a large amount.

13. When the Spinner Web has been removed, the player will automatically change to running mode.

14. Grenade launcher delay has decreased  5 sec to 3 sec.

15. Paimon AP (Aggressive Point) has been increased (will hold agro better).

    * When the Summoner Class is hunting for a Monster, it has been adjusted for them to hunt easier.


1. Aggressive Point System has been implemented.

    * Monster will give points to the PC who attacks it, it
      will figure out who the most threatening player is and attack them.
    * AP - Monster will recognize the Character according to the points.
    * The higher AP is the high percentage of being attacked by a monster.

2. Monsters can use Force Skills.

    * Monsters over level 30 will be able to use Force Skills.
    * Monster Force usage pattern
    * Can attack the Character with the attacking Force Skills.
    * Can attack the Character with the debuff Force Skills.
    * Monsters can heal themselves.
    * Monsters can use heal on other monsters.

3. Players can use debuffs on Monsters.

    * Some of the Force/Class Skill/Normal Skill/grenade launcher debuffs can be used on monsters

    * Possible to use up to 2 for Normal Monsters, 3 for Pitbosses.
          o Effects are same for the Players and monsters
          o Continuance time is different depending on the kind.

    * Force : Level * 1 = Continuance time
    * Class Skill : First Class Skill is 2sec, Second Class Skill is 4sec
    * Grenade Launcher : All the grenade launcher continuance time is fixed to 3sec.
    * Max continuance time is 7sec.
    * Monster debuff usage frequency is limited depending on the class.
    * When the player uses the debuff on the Monster, the force dexterity will increase.

4. Monster Debuff Resistance has been added.

    * As the frequency of the debuff increases to the monster, the chance of it taking effect will decrease.
    * The moment that the monster doesnt get effected with the debuff, the probability of the monster getting debuffed will be reduced.
    * If the usage fails because of the Debuff Resistance, there will be a message telling that.

5. Monster Resistance has been applied.

    * Some monsters will have Resistance related to their appearance and  it lives.
    * Normal area: Monster will get resistance related to the appearance/attacking method.
    * desert / Cauldron / : Resistance is granted. (Except some Monsters)

6. Monster Shield Block has been applied.

    * The monsters that possess shield will have the ability to block with it.

7. Defence Point will change depending on  the monster is attacked .

    * If the Pitboss is attacked  behind, the Monster Defence Point will be decreased.
    * If Monsters are attacked outside of their sight range, Defence Point will be decreased.
    * Depending on the sight range, some Pitboss (Dagon/Baalhamon) Defence Point will be decreased drastically.

8. Monster EXP settings have been added.

    * Considering the fact that the monster AI has changed and monsters can now use force, the difficulty has been increased. EXP will now increase depending on the difficulty of the monster.

9. New Monster Class has been added.

    * Champion, Elite and Hero class have been added to Initial Class.
    * Some of the Cauldron Monster Class have changed to Champion, Elite.
    * Some of the Elan Plateau Monster Class have changed to Champion, Elite.

10. Monster will attack depending on the sight range.

    * The characters positioned in front of the monster will have higher percentage of being detected than the ones behind.

11. Some of the Monsters Attack avoidance rates have been changed.

    * Ranger type of monsters Attack avoidance rate has been adjusted.
    * Attack avoidance rate of the monsters under Level 49 has been changed.

12. Pitboss Monster Attack point and HP have been adjusted.

    * Elan Plateau Pitbosss attack point has been decreased.
    * Elan Plateau Pitbosss max HP and HP Recovery have increased
    * HQ and Settlement Pitbosss max HP and HP Recovery have increased.

13. In the mining field, Monster abilities have been changed, and a Pitboss has been added.

    * All the monsters in the mining field have been changed to aggressive attacking mode.
    * In the Mine Field the Pitboss randomly appears at one of the races portal areas.
    * Level 56 Pitboss gets respawned every 4 hours.
    * The appearance of the Pitboss is the same as little Lazhuwardian - its called Earthquaker.

14. Some of the monsters positions have been changed.

    * Some of the monsters in Elan Plateau and Ether area have moved to other positions.

15. Holy Keepers attacking pattern has changed.

    * Attacking range has been reduced by a large amount.
    * Divided the attacking area into 8 areas and randomly attacks an area.

16. Monster Item drop amount has been changed.

    * Monsters more than 3 levels below players will not drop items.
    * The higher the level of monster, the more drops the monster will do and vice versa.

17. Some of the monsters respawn period and abilities have been changed.

    * All the monsters appearing near the HQ have increased.
    * The Wing will respawn more often around the Accretian HQ.
    * Monsters sight range has been increased.

18. Monster target UI (user interface) has been changed.

    * When a monster is targeted, the UI in the middle of the screen will show characteristics of the monster.

    * If the player points the mouse cursor at each of the icons, the tooltip will explain.
    * If the monster does not have aggressive attacking mode / special attack, nothing will show.
    * NPC or other races will have the same indications as before, only some UI design changes.

19. Addition of some explanations on the skill/force that has effects on the monsters rage.

    * Monster rage increase by little: Vampire Grone, Disablity Forcing, Taunt, Healing,
      Heal Wind, Scamper, Recovery Circle, Provoke, Shout, Irritate, Cry
    * Monster Rage increase by large amount: Reverse(B), Reverse(C), Instant repair
    * Monster rage decrease by a little: Extinction, Hide, Invisible, Dead illusion, Force Pleasing, Solid Mode, Flash Bang.
    * All the debuff Force/Class Skill/Grenade will have an effect on the rage of the Monster.
    * little effect on monsters rage sign will be added.

20. Pitboss appearing probability have been changed (Details have been exempted.)

21. All the Mine Field Monsters will be in aggressive attacking mode.

    * Aggressive Attacking Mode will only trigger to those who are in running mode and not for the players in walking mode.

22. Monster AI - related settings have changed.

    * Monsters can attack guard towers.
    * The distance that the monsters follow a player has reduced.


1. [Holy metal scanner]Item Quest have added to Mine Field races Quest

    * To complete the Chip war Quest, the race members have to obtain the Holy metal scanner.
    * Even if the race won the war, if they did not obtain the holy metal scanner Item,
      that race cannot mine.
    * Holy stone scanner Item can be obtained  the guard monsters near the other races chip on a fixed chance of dropping.
          o The player has to obtain the item during the Quest in order to use the Mine Field.

    * Holy metal scanner Item is necessary for both normal mining tool and unmanned mining tool.
    * Addition of Mine Field Pitboss Earthquake

2. Some structures have been added to add a more strategic element to the Chip war.

    * The structures have been added around the chip area.
    * The structures have been added on the routes to the battle area.

3. After the Chip war, if the target is still the chip, the target will be automatically cancelled.

4. Quest reward Item has been changed.

    * The Armoury and weapons, which were the rewards on the previous Quests, have changed to Class B weapons.
    * A bag has been added as a reward to Level 1~2 Quest.

5. When the character is created, the complimentary items have changed.

    * 50 +100 HP Potions
    * 50 +100 SP Potions
    * 99 +50 FP Potions
    * 50 +250 HP Potions

6. Job promotion Items have been changed.

    * Attack point increasing, Defence Point increasing Potion Effects have changed to 40%.
    * Class Skill / Normal Skill / Force

1. When the player equips an unusable Force Reaver, the situation  it cannot change back to a Force Reaver has been adjusted.

2. Delay indication will be shown on the item during the usage of Animus.

3. Addition of Class Skill.

    * Bellato : Warrior class
          o Miller (1st Class Skill): Provoke &8594; Attracts one monster
          o Shield Miller (2nd Class Skill): Taunt &8594; Attracts several monsters in range.

    * Cora : Warrior class

    * Knight (1st Class Skill): Disability Forcing &8594; Attracts one monster.
    * Black Knight (2nd Class Skill): Shout &8594; Attracts several monsters in range.

Accretia : Warrior class

    * Gladius (1st Class Skill : Irritate &8594; Attracts one monster.
    * Mercenary (2nd Class Skill): Cry &8594; Attracts several monsters in range.

4. Some Skill delays have been adjusted.

    * Grazer
          o Animus rest delay: previously 30sec &8594; 2min.
          o Fast recall : previously 30sec &8594; 2min.

    * Striker
          o Dread Fire : previously 30sec &8594; 1min
          o Doom Blast : previously 1min &8594; 1min 30sec

5. The skill delay has limited the usage of other Class Skills, but this limitation has been removed.

6. There will be a voice sound output during the Skill/Force attack or buffing.

7. Impossible to avoid force debuffs and skills.

Game System/ Environment

1. Effect option has been subdivided.

    * Dynamic lighting has been changed to effect.

          o < Ex) 0: Least Effects setting (Only shows least effects like Upgrade or damage.)

2. It has became easier to identify the position of the players party members.

    * On the party members position on the Mini-map or Radar if the player drags the pointer on the top of the map, it will show the name of the Character in the party.

3. After changing the size of the chat window, even if the player exists the game, the size of the window will be saved and remain the same.

4. Some of the hot bar functions have been changed and added.

    * If the player exits the game with the hot bar open, it will keep the bar open.
    * If the hot bar is changed to  key, following information will be output by the System message.

6. Addition of the conflict/collision system between the other races.

    * No conflict/Collision between NPC / same race / killed other race / animus (except Paimon).

7. UTS have been improved.

    * When someone registers the item, it will last for 72 hours.
    * Even if the player is not logged in, the registered item will be maintained. And if the item is sold during that time, the information will be sent when the player logs in.
    * After 72 hours the registered product will be cancelled, and the item will be sent to the player.

8. Players can check the map info without the mini-map item in their inventory.

    * Players just need to press M to find out the map info.
    * Stores no longer sell the map items.
    * No special functions with the previously possessed maps.

9. A system has been added to prevent the repeat / abnormal Contribution point movement.

    * There is a limit on the amount of contribution points that a player can lose in a day (24 hours).
    * Only 3% of the previous days contribution point will be absorbed by the other characters.
          o Ex] If the contribution points were 1,000,000 only up to 30,000 will be reduced.
            &12609; Acquisition of contribution points will be unlimited.(same as current)

10. During the time when the Mine Field keeper exists, players logged out  the mine field will start  the HQ.

11. Addition of System messages.

    * Addition of Item Combination commission message.
    * Addition of Avatar killer info message.
    * PT message and System message divided output.

12. Connection notify function has been added.

13. Starting point of each races character in the HQ has been moved closer to the entrance.

14. Part of the system message has been changed and added.

    * &12609; UTS related error message has been changed.
    * After the Item Combination, recombination of the product will pop up a error message.

15. Mini-map Grid function has been added.

    * It is easier to find the position when the grid is clicked.

16. On chat message macro, the swearwords filter has been applied.

17. Race Leader / sub-Race Leader Effects have been changed and added.

18. PK contribution point is acquired, part of them will be returned by the system.

19. Whole chatting and greeting message have been added.

Whole chatting and greeting message have added to the chatting option.

    * Whole chatting
          o Cant hear the other races chatting.
          o It costs 300 game money to use the Race whole chatting.
          o Below Level 30 cannot use whole chatting.
          o the colour of the whole chatting is the same as initial map-chatting (light blue).

    * Greeting message
          o When the player starts the game the message shows in a greeting form.
          o How to use it: $Race Leader Character (Only Race Leader can use it)
            ex. [Race Leadergreeting] Character : hi.
            $Guild Character (Only Guild Master can use it)
            ex. [Guildgreeting] Character: hi.
          o Guild greeting does not work if the guild master does not register for it.
          o GM greeting colour has been applied.
          o GM Chat colour: pink
          o Race Leader greeting colour has been applied.
          o Race Chat colour: light blue
          o Guild Master greeting colour has been applied.
          o Guild committee Chat colour: Dark Yellow

20. Armour NPC sale list is modified.

    * The sales were classified into each parts of the armour but instead it has changed to the level.

21. Random Loading Image for all maps.

22. Defence bar got larger for users to see better.

    * When PVP, defence bar is modified

23. Resolution setting is modified in Set Up window.

24.  the Gateway, Ignorance, Wisdom, Wide range of Jewellery kind of items rewards have been decrease by little.

25. PK in same race is possible in chaos state.

    * Using Chaos Potion, it is available for 10 mins, and Cure Potion can eliminate the effect of Chaos Potion.
      However Cure Potion can be used if the remaining time is less than 3 minutes. Also, PK Contribution Pt. is not affected.


1. Guild managers position have been changed.

    * Bellato: Same as before
    * Cora: moved to first floor which can be reached by going through the left pathway of the Banker.
    * Accretia: moved near Gate manager in portal area.

2. Part of the launcher has been corrected.

    * Buttons will not be activated when there is a message window
    * The window will move when any part of the window, other than the title bar, is dragged.
      (except web/button/input box)
    * When there is a server down, the image has been changed.
    * When the Close button is clicked, any effect has been removed.

3. Guild Room have been added.

There are two kinds of Guild Rooms, and each of them have different functions.

Standard (5,000,000 race money, rent term &8211; 7 days and over Class 2 only)
Special (20,000,000 race money, rent term &8211; 30 days and over Class 3 only)
During the purchase Y is standard, N is Special.

    * Can move through Guild manager.
    * There is an area that enables players to move to each HQ.

4. Launcher greeting size has been adjusted.

5. The note function has been added in the Game. (To be embodied)

It will be more convenient to use the note for the users who have logged out or somehow have not been contacted.
And by using the send present Item, players can send it safely through the taxi system even though the player is not around (even to the logged out users).

Episode2 Part 1 Update - Third Edition

Addition of the lv 50 contents

1. Lv 50 MAU equipment added

    * A: Acquired by: Purchase at unit merchant NPC
    * B: 3 different frames added for both Catapult and Goliath

2. Lv 50 Launcher added

    * A: Acquired by: Drop  monsters and crafting

3. Lv 50 Siege Kit added

    * A: Acquired by: Purchase  Wadin NPC in Elan
    * B: There are two types of Kit; Offensive Kits and Defensive Kits

4. AMY Grade for Cora Animus

    * A: When an animus reaches lv 50, it changes into the AMY Grade animus
    * B: For Isis, its appearance also changes into red

5. Lv 50 Guard Towers and Traps added

    * A: Acquired by: Purchase  Wadin NPC in Elan
    * B: Traps with large attack range or small attack range
    * C: 3 different Traps added in total for lv 50

6. The sales list added for the Wadin NPC in Elan

    * A: Sells lv 50 combat items
    * B: NPC is located in the Novus Tree Area in Elan

Chip War

1: A message asking players if they would like to be transported to Crag Mine will appear an hour prior to the start of the chip war

    * If players click yes to the message, then regardless of  the player is currently located they will be transported to their race&8217;s portal at Crag Mine
    * This message will only appear once during the chip war; if you click &8216;no&8217; you will not be able to attend until the next chip war.
    * However, you cannot transport after the chip war has ended, so if you wish to mine you must go while it is still running

2 : If a character gains the control chip, but does not have the holystone scanner, he/she will not be able to mine

3 : If a character gains the control chip, but does not have the holystone scanner, he/she will not be able to receive the chip war rewards

4 : Survival mode has been added

    * The race who wins the chip war will receive a HP penalty proportional to the chip control HP
    * The other two races who are defeated will see no changes to their HP

5 : Neutral mode of the Holystone keeper has been added.

    * Once the chip war is over, the Holystone keeper will spawn in neutral mode
    * In this mode the Keeper can be attacked by the defeated race for up to 30 minutes
    * Holystone Keepers HP will now be 1/5 of the chips remaining HP during this time
    * If the keeper is killed within the 30 minutes it will not respawn until the fixed Chaos time that clears out the core before the chip war
    * If the Holystone keeper is not killed within the 30 minutes, then it will guard the winning race as normal
    * If no race wins the chip war, the holystone keeper will not be spawned in neutral mode.

6 : The chip war schedule has been changed

    * If a race wins the chip war for the first time, they will be able to mine for up to 7 hours. The mining time is dependent on various factors
    * &9312;Chip War + &9313;Keeper neutral mode + &9314;the standard time given for mining is three hours. The sooner that &9312; and &9313; end, the larger the increase of the mining time will be
    * If the last person who hit the chip succeeds to deliver the control chip within the first ten minutes, then an additional hour of mining will be added
    * The calculation method for mining time
      * standard time (3 hours) + left over chip HP (if max, 3 hours) + control chip delivered inside 10 minutes (1 hour) = 7 hours max
    * Chip War Progression (based on 8 hours)
    * Some examples to illustrate how mining times can differ depending on the chip war results

If the remaining HP is 100%

    * A: standard time (3 hours) + remaining HP (3 hours) + control chip delivered (1 hour) = 7 hours
    * B: standard time (3 hours) + remaining HP (3 hours) + control chip not delivered (0 hour) = 6 hours

If the remaining HP is 50%

    * C: standard time (3 hours) + remaining HP (1.5 hours) + control chip delivered (1 hour) = 5 hours 30 minutes
    * D: standard time (3 hours) + remaining HP (1.5 hours) + control chip not delivered (0 hour) = 4 hours 30 minutes

New Items

1. New leasing items are added

    * A: The newly added items are the wealth jade and relief jade which can be borrowed for a set amount of time
    * B: The Wealth jade provides a 10% increase in experience gain and this effect can be stacked up to 5 times
          o There are no limits to the number of these items that can be possessed
            C: The Relief jade lowers the item equip level by 1 level and this effect can be stacked up to 5 times.
          o There are no limits to the number of these items possessed

    * D: These items are borrowed  within the game using in-game currencies. The borrow time will count down even if the character is not logged in
    * E: The borrowing prices and periods are as follows:

          o Wealth Jade: 1 day=4,100 won / 6 days=11,100 won / 14 days 20,100 won / 30 days 30,800 won

          o Relief Jade: 1 day=8,200 won / 6 days=22,200 won / 14 days 40,200 won / 30 days 61,500 won

2. Combination

    * A: The formula to combine gems with higher level gems has been added.
          o If 10 micro gems and 1 blue stone are combined, players will receive up to 10 small gems
          o If 10 small gems and 1 blue stone are combined, players will receive up to 10 big gems

    * B: Blue stone can be acquired by processing +2 ores.
          o This can be acquired at a set success rate when +2 ores across all colours are processed.

3. The rewards  rare ores have been changed: [recycling box], [empty box], [big empty box] have been added

    * When each of the gift boxes are opened, each of the [empty boxes] will be given a result. The [empty box] can be sold in shops.

    * [recycling box] exchange tab has been added to the monster/NPC that collects jewels.50 big empty boxes can be exchanged for the recycling box. Recycling boxes give rewards at higher success rates than the big gift boxes.
    * Monster/NPC that collects jewels sells [small gift box], [gift box] and [big gift box]. The rewards rate differs depending on the size of the box. The bigger the size of the box, the higher the rate of success.
    * The rare jewel prices sold by the merchants have been significantly reduced.
    * Players are now able to check the rewards of each box  the [Monster/NPC that collects jewels].

          o Masters Small Gift

          o Masters Gift

          o Masters Large Gift

          o Recycling Box

4. Players can purchase race leader specific armours for each class through the hero NPCs.

    * A: The race leader costumes of the hero NPC have been removed  the sales list.
    * B: The race leader armour for each class has been added to the NPC sales list
    * C: The standard price for race leader armour has been set to 50,000,000 per part (before tax)


1. MAU Equipment

    * A: The prices for the MAU equipments tuning and repair costs have been adjusted
    * The tuning price for the MAU equipment has increased
    * MAU equipments repair costs have reduced significantly
    * Goliaths repair prices are now cheaper

B: The settings for the MAU equipment have been changed.

    * Goliath (Defensive MAU)
          o Decrease in attack power
          o Increase in defence power
          o The durability will increase dramatically the higher the level of the MAU
          o Durability has increased to 300,000

    * Catapult (Offensive MAU)
          o Due to the addition of a launcher, the attack power has increased dramatically
          o Decrease in defence power
          o The durability has decreased slightly for the low level MAU, but will increase for the higher level MAUs

    * C: The issue with MAU equipments accuracy not being correct has been fixed.
          o The MAU equipment level compared to price etc, will be increased slowly
          o Catapults accuracy will be higher than Goliath.

    * D: The repair cost for the MAU equipment for all parts have increased
          o This will gradually increase relative to the MAU equipments level and price

    * E: Part of the MAU parts have been increased
          o Level per parts and tuning will be calculated via substitution formula

    * F: Catapults launcher has been added
          o The previous Vulcan magazine has changed to Light Vulcan Magazine
          o Normal Vulcan Magazine has been added. 10% increase in attack
          o Hydrogen Vulcan Magazine has been added. 20% increase in attack
          o The prices will differ depending on the attack ability of the added launchers

2. Animus Updates

    * A: Animus equip level has increased
          o In order to resolve the issue  characters were able to equip animus with higher level than the character, the below changes have been made:


    * B: The attack made by exploiting the area bug by Animus has been fixed

3. Class and Skill Updates

    * A: If a player promotes to Summoner then the bonus PT given on promotion has been increased to 20PTs.
    * B: Player explosions&8217; damage formula has been changed
          o Depending on the equipment which can affect the attack strength and skills applied, the damage rate can vary
          o Damage will increase as attack increases and the same applies to when it decreases

    * C: When mastery compensation is made due to class change, the premium rate for the PC bangs will no longer apply
    * D: Players are now able to check the list of all the serial skill/forces used to other characters.
          o This is displayed the same way when curse serial skill/forces are performed to monsters

    * E: The value of the reduce resists have been adjusted
    * F: The effect and display function for the Find Trap (class skill) has been improved
          o When skill is used, the enemy characters trap, location and name will be displayed on the radar.
          o You can find out  the trap is located with the arrow key  the O304screen
          o If you click the trap and attack, it can be removed
          o Only the traps of other races are displayed, and the traps of the same race can only be checked with radar.

    * G: Recall (Class Skill) can only be used when the skill performer and the one affected by this skill are on the same map

4. Other changes and fixes

    * A: Some of the talics effects have been changed
          o Adjusted the value of the talic effect for the Talic of Darkness
          o The Endurance talics effect has been doubled

5. When items are purchased or sold at the neutral NPCs then the tax rate for the relevant race will be applied.

6. The calculation formulae for the defence gage has been changed

7. The bug  the battery for the unmanned mining tool being used when using normal mining tool has been fixed.

Guild / Race Leader / Party

1. Party, guild and race leader targeting has been added

    * A: Party Targeting
          o Can only be used by the party leader
          o When you click on another race&8217;s Character or a Monster whilst pressing the Shift key, a blue arrow will appear
          o The target will be marked on the radar
          o If the target is located out of the screen, then the targets location will be displayed with a blue direction arrow on the radar
          o Only displayed to the party&8217;s members

    * B: Guild Targeting
          o Can only be used to the guild master
          o When you click on another race&8217;s Character or a Monster while pressing the Ctrl key, a yellow arrow will appear
          o The target will be marked on the radar
          o If the target is located out of the screen, then the target&8217;s location will be displayed with a yellow direction arrow on the radar
          o Only displayed to the guild&8217;s members

    * C: Race Leader Targeting
          o Can only be used by the race leader
          o When you click on another race&8217;s Character or a Monster whilst pressing the Alt key, a red arrow will appear
          o The target will be marked on the radar
          o If the target is located out of the screen, then the target&8217;s location will be displayed with a red direction arrow on the radar
          o Only displayed to the race&8217;s members

    * D: If all three of above are currently being carried out, then all three of them can be used

2. Remote party invitation function has been updated

    * The invitation command is @ party id
    * To do this, players will need the Blue powder item
    * Blue Powder item can be acquired by processing ore
    * Blue Powder cannot be traded between users

3. Race leader and guild master updates

      A: Race leader command has been added
      B: The things the guild room NPC shared within the race is now changed so that only the relevant guild can share
          o As these are no longer shared within the entire race, the reset cycle has changed  every two hours to 24 hours

source : http://www.rf-onlinegame.com/



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Re: Release Note Episode 2.1.5

Episode 2 Part 1 - Page 2
System Update

1. Map way point function has been added

    * A: Activate the minimap and click on a point then a flag will be displayed
    * B: Race leader privileges update
          o Method of use: Right Click + Ctrl on the map
          o Displayed as red flag
          o Cool down time is 180 secs
          o Can only be used in the mine area
          o Only the relevant race members can check/see the flag

    * C: Guild Master Privileges
          o Method of use: Right Click + Alt on the map
          o Displayed as yellow flag
          o Cool down time is 360 secs
          o Only the relevant guild members can check/see the flags

    * D: Party Leader Privileges
          o Method of use: Right Click + Shift on the map
          o Displayed as sky blue flag
          o Cool down time is 60 secs
          o Only the relevant party characters can check/see the flag

    * E: Points following each flags marked, will disappear within a minute after being activated

2. Guild/individual inventory money and storage money maximum amounts have been decreased

    * A: The maximum amount of race money and gold that can be possessed has been reduced
          o Individual Possession: The race currency from 3 billion to 2billion / Gold from 30billion to 500,000
          o Storage bank: Race currency from 10 billion to 1 billion / Gold from 10 billion to 500,000
          o Guild bank: Race currency from 10 billion to 1 billion / Gold from 10 billion to 500,000

3. System Changes

    * A: System render message has been added
    * B: When character dies it will be displayed differently.

4. Battle dungeon reward message will now appear to the same party members as well

Other Updates

1. Sound updates

    * A: The multi shot skill effect has been changed
    * B: All RF Online background music (BGM) volume has decreased
          o 40~50% reduction from the previous volume, approx 4 types

    * C: Special effect sounds for in game character, interface volume have all been reduced
          o 50% reduction, approx 176 types

    * D: special sound effects for in game weapon (gun, bow) newly added (1 bow type, 3 for guns)
    * E: The quality for all sound effects have improved

2. Monster Updates

    * A: All pitboss and pitboss guards' peace movement distance has been reduced. From now on after the pitboss appears it will not move long distances from the place it appears
    * B: The accuracy of the Caliana Atroc in Ether Area has increased

3. Item drop fixes/changes

    * A: The mine area pitboss Earthquake dropping incorrect items has been fixed
    * B: The inventor's parts box drop rate has been increased threefold
    * C: The issue with Caliana archer not dropping the booty items has been fixed
    * D: Level 50 battle dungeon (Turncoat battle dungeon) not dropping the Leon's 4th piece has been fixed
    * E: Now the item drop rate will be best when monsters which are 2 levels higher are hunted rather than hunting the same level monsters

Episode2 Part1 Update - Forth Edition(2007-03-31)

55 Level Cap

1. Level 50 Cap increased + more content

    * Level Cap unlock quests added.
          o The quest will be delivered when achieve level 50. For level 50 characters, the quest will appear first time you log in after patching.
          o The cap is unlocked by completing a quest which allows you then to level up to 55

2. Order quests added for level 51 ~ 53.

1. Prologue Area(Beast's Mountain, Outcast's Land) added.

    * Level 55 items will be dropped from monsters in the new maps.
    * New Pit Boss added in the maps. [Eternal Flame Draco] and [Tribal Leader Blood Axe]
    * NPC in [Outcast's Land] will sell HP4000/5000, +23% attack point, and +23% defence point potions.

2. Jewel Cube and Lucky Cube appear in Beast's Mountain and Outcast's Land in low probability.

    * Destroying Jewel, Lucky Cube gives various items in certain rate.

3. Entering Cauldron Volcanic Area and Beast's Mountain requires a certain item. You don't need any item when you use scroll item to go to the areas.

    * Item required to enter Cauldron Volcanic Area: Black Sparking Stone
    * Item required to enter Beast's Mountain: Soul Flame Stone

4. Scroll Item's level requirements have been applied.

    * Ether Scroll has 35 level requirement.
    * Cauldron Area has 40 level requirement.
    * Elan Scroll has 45 level requirement.
    * New Map (Beast's Mountain, Outcast's Land) scroll has 47 level requirement.
    * Other scrolls do not have any level requirements.


1. Armours from Hero NPC now have 7 sockets.

2. 55 level weapons and armours are added.

    * Prologue Area (Beast's Mountain, Outcast's Land) monsters drop / craft

3. Level 50 Cape added.

    * Level 55 Cape has "Advanced" as prefix.
    * 5 Olive Excelsiors will be needed.
    * Combination fee is higher than the level 40 cape.
    * Each cape effect option has +5 effect on it compared to previous cape.

4. Favour Upgrader now works for all armour parts.

5. Item Shop Scrolls have been added.

    * Caliana Princess [Land of Enticement]
    * Caliana Princess [White Hall]
    * Dagan
    * Dagnu
    * Eternal Flame Draco
    * Tribal Leader Blood Axe
    * Belfegore

6. Event potions effects have been changed.


7. Bellato and Cora can now purchase cure potions from NPC.

    * Available at each HQ's potion vendor, Settlement's Sundries, Elan and Ether's neutral Sundries, and vendor in Outcast's Land.

Race / Class Skill

1. Racial Buff system is added.

    * Players get buff or debuff according to the result of chip wars.
    * Racial buff lasts until the next chip war.
    * Racial Buff stacks with skills and potion effects and stays even after log-out.
      The effects are the followings:


2. Warrior's class promotion HP bonus is highly increased.

Archon / Sub-Archon

1. Archon Election system has been changed.

    * Candidate registration requirements changed.
          o Before: Top 30 characters can register.
          o Now: Character higher than 4th grade can register.

    * Candidate registration period changed.
          o Before: Sunday 06:00 ~ 19:00
          o Now: Tuesday 00:00 ~ Saturday 17:00

    * Voting period changed.
          o Before: Sunday 20:00 ~ 22:00
          o Now: Saturday 18:00 ~ Sunday 22:00

    * Number of candidates can now be up to 500 from the 100 it was before.
    * Registration fee refund has been disabled.

2. Sub-Archon election system has been changed.

    * Up to 9 high-ranking officers.
          o 1 Archon, 2 Sub-Archons, 6 Council members.

    * 1 Archon, 1 sub-archon, and 3 council members will be elected through the current election system.
          o They will be ranked according to votes.

    * The other four high-ranking officers will be chosen by the archon.
    * The same election is held weekly.

Structure of Officers

    * Archon (Blue): Elected through voting.
    * ASubArchon (Red):Elected by Archon
    * BSubArchon (Blue):Elected through voting.

3. Archon reward is enhanced.

UTS tax gain.
# Tax rate setting UI can be turned On/Off using system button in the lower right corner of the screen.

1 Archon, 1 Sub-Archon, and 3 council members will be elected through current voting.

    * The number of votes will choose the ranking.
    * A sub-Archon (sub-archon appointed by the archon) can set UTS tax rate when sub-archon effect appears.
    * Only authorized characters can see it.
    * When B sub-archon click on High-Ranking officer function, it will be shown as deactivated.
    * Tax rate can only be set once per hour.
    * Tax rate can be set 23 times a day, but the last tax rate set at 00:00 will be applied for the week.
    * This setting will stay until the next election.

      For winner side
    * Tax Rate fee will be paid by opponent A sub-archon's chosen fee.
    * This setting stays until the next chip war.

For loser side

    * Our UTS commission fee will be delivered to the winning Archon.
    * Tax rate fee will stay as it is.
    * A sub-archon's tax rate change function will stay, and applied at 00:00
    * UTS fee won't be delivered to the archon when war is lost.
    * This setting stays until the next chip war.
    * Tax rate setting can be done many times a day.

Punishment Authority

    * Archon is able to punish individual characters.
          o @Punishment_1(1~3)_[ID]_[Reason] pops a voting window to the race for 5 minutes.

    * Agree/Disagree poll will be shown in percentage for 5 minutes and then close.
    * If the most voted option is yes the action will go through.
          o There will be a notice for everyone.
                + Notice lasts 5 seconds.

    * If the most voted option is No, nothing happens.
    * Archon can suggest three different ways of punishment.
          o Suggestions can be made by numbers.
                + Chatting Prohibition Punishment
                      # Target character cannot use "Map Chat" or "Race Chat" but normal chat can still be used.

                + Bounty Punishment
                      # Target can be attacked by own race member for 3 days even without chaos potion.
                      # The wanted character's id will be shown in purple to the same race members.
                      # Other race will still see the ID as the same colour.
                      # Cannot use chaos potion.
                      # Cannot register on a guild for 3 days.

                + Prohibition on Party play
                + Target will not be able to party play for the next 3 days.

          o Change in Archon's Effect
                + From 50% defence increase to Attack 30% increase, Defence 30% increase.
                + All the officers (including Vice Archon) will be able to use the race chat function.

4. Vice Archon Reward have been strengthened.

Vice Archon

    * Authorised with previous skills that Archon had as the leader in war.
    * Defence strengthened : 50% Increase
    * Effect applied: About 50% of Archon's effect.
    * A vice Archon can change the tax rate of the UTS (but it has to be the vice archon appointed by the Archon).

Attack Battalion

    * Will support with fire power with strengthen Attack Point.
    * Attack Point Strengthened: 20% Increase
    * Effect applied: About 50% of Archon's effect.

Defence Battalion

    * Will support at the front as a tanker with strengthened Defence Point.
    * Defence Point Strengthened: 20% Increase
    * Effect applied: About 50% of Archon's effect.

Support Battalion

    * Will support with the race skill.

5. Officers chatting mark will show.

Chatting mark will show.

    * When the officers chat, there will be race mark in front of their id on the chatting window.
    * All 9 of them will have the mark with their effects.

Ranking will show.

    * While showing the ranks, the officer's duties will show.

6. Nuclear Bomb has been added.

Authority of using nuclear weapon

    * Archon and vice archon will have the authority to use the nuclear bomb.
    * Archon and vice archon can select the point of impact and through mini-map this info will be shared with vice archons and guildmasters.

Selecting point of impact - Nuclear bomb

    * It will only be possible to use the nuclear bomb with the baton.
    * Clicking the Nuclear control in the inventory while equipped with the baton will activate the mouse pointer.
    * Can select the point of impact with the activated pointer.
    * However it cannot be used in the stealth mode.

Nuclear bomb drop

    * Before the bomb reaches (10seconds) the point of impact, warning message will show to all the races.
    * Target mark will be shown to other races 4 seconds before the drop.

Nuclear bomb explosion

    * It will show a missile drop on the point of impact.
    * Characters around the point of impact will be able to see the missile drop inside the normal view range.

Explosion/mortality range

    * Approximately all the enemies inside the View 5 range will be killed.
    * The race (including the archon) that used the bomb will not be killed.
    * Bomb will not have any effects on the monsters.
    * It will not have any effects on the chip.
    * Internal areas cannot be selected as a target for the nuclear bomb.
    * If the point of impact is outside, but the range reaches the inside area, it will have an effect on those who are inside there.
    * During the explosion, everything in the range will be effected and elevation difference will not matter.


    * Baton: Can be purchased from Hero.
    * Nuclear Bomb Control: Can be purchased from Hero 3 times a day.
    * Price of Nuclear bomb is 10,000,000 race money.
    * Only one bomb can be purchased per day, and it will be initialized at 00:00.
    * Possible to sell at NPC.
    * Impossible to trade between players.
    * If the player becomes the officer again, It will be possible to use the Nuclear Bomb control that was purchased before.

Sequela of the Nuclear Bomb radiation

    * After the player is killed with the nuclear bomb, Sequela will have effect for next 5mins after the revival.
    * For the MAU drivers, they will not be able to ride the MAUs during the Sequela.
    * It is possible to buy the Nuclear bomb sequela potion from Hero to cure the radiation's sequela.


    * It is possible to acquire the contribution point and Kill number by nuclear bomb.
    * The delay after dropping the nuclear bomb is 30mins.

7. Archon's tax distribution authority and honour guild system have been applied.

Up to 50% of the tax collected by the archon can be distributed from 1 to 5 guilds.

    * It can be set through exclusive UI for officers.
    * The subjects set will be applied to the system every midnight.
    * If guild(s) are not chosen, all amounts will be returned to the system.

Guilds receiving taxes from the archon will be titled after honour guild.

    * Honour guild will have following marks in front of their guildname according to the steps.
    * Ranking marks:

      1st : Imperial / 2nd: Superior / 3rd: Hero / 4th: Elite / 5th: Special
      All guild players can check the honour guild through the exclusive guild's UI.

8. Lv.50 Archon exclusive armour has been added.

Can be worn by Archon and Vice Archon.

Exclusive archon armours for each race are named as follows:

    * Bellato: Guider of Victory
    * Cora: Dicem's Messenger
    * Accretia: Executor of Empire

They can be bought from heroes.


1. Monsters will be able to express themselves.

Various messages will be displayed in different situations.
It is possible to turn ON/OFF the monster message from chat option.
Monsters will have new effects.

    * If an aggressive monster detects a target, an [exclamation mark] will appear over its head.
    * [Rage Bull] will be applied on the screen of the player who gets the monster's aggro.

2. Directional Monsters have been added.

3. Monster's curse resistance has been strengthened.

The higher the monsters’ class (level), the harder it is to apply the curse.
4. Monster's skill will differ on line of sight.

    * If attacked from beyond the line of sight, stun resistance will be reduced.
    * If attacked from beyond the line of sight, avoidance will be reduced.

5. New group monsters have been added.

Normal monsters will be able to possess guard monsters.

6. Pitbosses "Dagan" and "Dagnu" have been added in Elan.

Dagan will re-spawn in the Den of Dagan.

Dagnu will re-spawn in the Dagnu nest.

7. The position of the monsters ("Stone Block", "Soul Sinder", "Dagon") in Elan have been swapped.

8. "Dagon", "Dagan", and "Dagnu" in the Elan area are now aggressive monsters.

Darkhole / Battle Dungeon

1. The previous Battle Dungeons and Darkhole's entry level has been reduced.

Previous entry limit from level 45 to level 50 has been changed to level 45 to 49.

    * Previous Darkhole (45~49Lv)
    * Previous Battle Dungeon (45~49Lv)

2. Previous Darkhole's final reward has been partly changed.

    * Relic weapons will not be available as a reward anymore.

3. Lv. 50 Hora Darkhole has been added.

    * Hora Darkhole: Possible entry level (50~55Lv)
    * Prologue areas (Beast's Mountain, Outcast's land) will drop from hero class monsters.
    * Relic weapon and Lv 50 Leon weapon will be available as a reward.

4. Lv. 50 Battle Dungeon has been added.

    * Lv. 50 Battle Dungeon: Possible entry level (50~55Lv)
    * Lv 55 B (intense) armour has been added as the reward for Hora mechanic Battle Dungeon.

Other Updates

1. Guild members will be limited to 50 (Guild will be initialized).

2. Players will be able to target by clicking the arrow targeted by Archon / Guild Master / Party leader.

3. Window will not be resizable while in window mode.

4. It is possible to move the radar window and it is possible to enlarge/reduce radar output.

5. The minimum damage from mob/other races has been changed to 1~300

    * When the damage received is under 300, it will be random from 1~300.

6. Trade chatting has been implemented.

    * Chatting method
          o /sell chat
          o /buy chat

    * Trading chat will cost 1000 race money.
    * Colour: same as map chatting colour.

7. Some potion delays have been adjusted and the price has increased.

8. Expensive consumption NPC does not sell potions anymore.

9. You can check whether the item is tradable through the item info window.

10. You can check a potion’s delay through the item info window.

Episode 2 Part 1 Update - 5th Edition

Skill and Race Specialty

1. New animus "Restraint Isis" has been added and the Corite pure specialist (with 2nd job promotion) can now summon animus.

2. When an Animus is being attacked, no other animus actions can be carried out.

3. Animus doesn't get damaged by wide range skill/forces of their own race.

4. Specialist can use expert skills, and the Mastery PT limitation is Basic PT 50.

Guild / Archon / Race Battle

1. Added Guild Master effect.

For: Guild Master with level higher than 3.

2. Added Master's ability reinforce for guild level.
# Off/Def 5% increase for level higher than 3.


3. Honourable Guild Mark has been implemented.

    * Guild which get a part of tax from the Archon gets its own honourable Guild mark.

4. Archon's overall record/stat is added on the information window (bottom right).

5. Archon wide range skill has been added for Supporter Vice Archon.

    * Normally, it is inactive, and it is not clickable.
    * Added range skill is applied to all characters in same race in the range.
    * Clicking on the button will cast the skill. (Skill level is fixed.)
          o This buff doesn't stack with other skills.
          o This buff is displayed on the top left, next to the radar.

6. Archon name is displayed on UTS (Auction).


1. Talic Master items now can pop out of 4 kinds of Master's Boxes.

    * Master's Box can be acquired at Gem Gathering Monster.
    * Different level of Talic master item can be acquired from different level of boxes.
    * Talic Master can be combined with Talics.

2. Talic Master combination has been added.

    * Combination Material: Talic Master 1 + Talic (1~50)
          o It can be a Success or Failure, and on failure talics disappear.
          o When combination is successful, the chosen italic multiplies randomly.

3. Beast Mountain scroll and Outcasts' Land Scroll can be purchased from the Special Mineral Shop at HQ.

4. One-handed throwing intense weapons have been added (but can't be crafted).
5. UTS register tax method has been changed.

    * 0.1% of UTS item registration cost is paid as registration tax.

6. Ad Loon Stone can be sold to NPC store for 4 Gold.
7. Traps can be multiply
# owned in the inventory.
8. Blue Powder can be traded.

9. Blue Powder is sold from the grocery NPC.
10. Level 50 C armour’s combination condition are now easier.

    * Before: Ability 50, Red Stone 50
    * After: Ability 10, Red Stone 10.

11. Red Stone process rate has been increased.
12. Guard Tower ability has been enhanced.

    * Attack range increase: Intense Epuchal Guard Tower.
    * Attack speed increase: Epuchal Guard Tower, Intense Epuchal Guard Tower.

13. Trap price has been changed.


14. Contribution points increase by a trap is now applied in PVP.

15. UTS Beeper item has been added.

    * This can be bought at Grocery NPC in HQ.
    * With this item, users can use UTS wherever they want.
    * Item can be used only once.

New Territory & Hunting Area

1. New dungeon "Cartella Bio Lab" has been added.

    * Located at the Jack's Land at Ether.
    * Available for players above level 51.
    * New monsters and high level new Pit Bosses have been added.


1. Character view is magnified.

2. Previous user's mail box was not used as a default when a new player connects.

3. The chat scroll has been adjusted so that when new messages appear, the window does not automatically scroll down to the bottom.

Known Issues


    * Vista privilege issue (Installing Vista to the program files causes the client to crash) - ( See work around - CLICK HERE!
    * Launcher - Vista - Launcher crashes when trying to update to EPII - See work around - CLICK HERE


    * CRASH - Beasts Mountain - Teleporting into
    * Beasts Mountain can cause the RF client to crash
    * Launcher - Debug error prevents users from accessing the launcher
    * Guild - ledger - Purchasing a guild emblem causes Korean text to be displayed in the guild ledger
    * ITEMS - Combination - Creating Type C armour can result in the creation of armour for another race
    * Upgraders - Throwing knives - Ignorance upgraders don’t work with throwing knives
    * Item - Intense Guardian Armour - Causes debuff against you to last longer
    * Race leader - Tax distribution - Korean text present when there is no guild leader
    * Loading screens - The Korean Website and Korean information appears on all EPII loading screens
    * Outcast's Land currently suffers from severe loss in frame rate
    * Thor - Izencracker - Calliana Laboratory - Only drop rare Ore and Excelsiors
    * Accretian - Level 49 quest - kill passer Beta's instead of Varas
    * Cash shop - Credits - Total credits appear in your inventory as gold when buying cash shop items
    * Chip War - Control Tower - Control Chip Tower has no collision allowing players to 'hide' in the Chip
    * Elan Map - Names are wrong or have extra characters at the end of their names - (Old Bug from Live. Some of the localisation has changed for EPII though)
    * Armour - Legs - Arms - These two piece's of armour have the wrong name attached
    * Elemental -Accretian - Bracer - Don't need the full combination to upgrade only the first stat
    * Crafting - Armour tool - level 53 Armour is missing from the Armour Crafting Tool
    * Guild - Vote - Unable to select a nominee to be guild leader unless they are on the first page of players
    * Supporters - Skill - Archon Supporter skills drains FP from the Supporter
    * ITEMS - Combination - Creating Type C armour can result in the creation of armour for another race
    * ITEMS - Force Reavers - Various force reavers cannot be listed on the Auction House
    * Audio - Jetpack - Turning the sound/BGM down or off does not effect the jetpack SFX
    * Guild Manager - Guild room - The option to buy a guild room is confusing
    * Battle Dungeon - Hora Dark Hole - Guild room - There is sometimes a blank loading screen when loading into these instances
    * NOVUS MARKET – Text error – The attack potion set for Cora and ACC has a small mistake. The player receives 3 potion sets rather that 4/5 as stated on the tooltip.

Other Information

New chat commands

The old short cut chat commands have been removed. Please see the new commands below.

The commands for the EPII are as follows.


/all (Requires blue power)
/Buy (Requires 1000 race currency)
/Sell (Requires 1000 race currency)

Archon commands
@Restraint 1~3 Players name comment_with_under_scores

1 = Chat ban

2 = Flagged as a criminal (Can be attacked by players of the same race)

3 = Party ban

Archon Greetings message - $Archon name comment

Guild Leaders greeting message - $guild name comment

/vote Question_requires_underscores?



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โอ้อัพเดตซะเพียบเลยน่ะครับ นักอ่านตาแฉะเยย Y Y พี่แอดมินนี่ขยันจังน่ะครับ



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