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Berserker's Vial Quest 54-55 (ยาโจม 70)

เป็นเควสยาโจม 70 นะครับ เผื่อคนไม่รู็ว่าทำใด้

Level Requirement: 54 and 55
Location: Beast Mountain and Outcast Land
Reward: 50 pcs of Berserker's Vial (70% atk,-30% def,-30 dodge /20sec)

I. Find Metal Elf Iserina at Ancient's Road in Beast Mountain and kill her. She is located at the intersection of the roads  Dragon's Grave, Darkness Forest and Ancient's Road. After that, pick up the dropped loot/s (Elven Necklace). This monster is quite strong, but manageable for tanker-type warriors and could somewhat be dodged as well.

II. Walk further up to Dragon's Grave in Beast Mountain and look for the Vindictive Spirit Box. Click quest.

III. After getting the quest, go to Outcast Land and proceed to Sundries  Gark (Valkyrie Rootso) is located. Click conversation.

IV. Clicking the conversation option will allow you to receive a quest entitled, "Gark's Request". Get it done and you will receive the quest's continuation which would require you to kill another set of monsters this time: 5 Rake Foot Dracos, and 10 Fang Splinters.

V. Complying with Gark's request, would require you to go to Twin Valley for the next quests. Search for the "Heaps of Earth" at the side, but be careful since the monsters around that area is quite strong and aggressive.

When you finish the second set of heaps, you will receive a reward.

VI. When you finally acquire the Elven Quest Staff, another quest will appear; directing you this time to return to Gark, the Outcast Land's Sundries NPC, to deliver the item.

VII. Acquiring the Encrypted Necklace would prompt the appearance of a new quest. Your task this time is to return to Beast Mountain and deliver the necklace to the Vindictive Spirit Box again to receive the final reward: 50 pcs of Berserker's Vial.



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