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Port ที่ใช่ในเกม

Ports http://cogsupport.codemasters.com/index … mp;nav=0,1

20 (ftp)
21 (ftp)
80 (http)
443 (ssl)
8080 /
8088 /
10007 (patch server)
27780 (game server) (TCP &UDP)

Disconnect http://cogsupport.codemasters.com/index … icleid=997
Router Settings
Use your router to forward TCP & UDP ports 27780 to your computer's LAN IP or alternatively open these ports for general use by your router.
If you've got a firewall, make two port exceptions in Windows XP Firewall, or other Firewall app, for TCP & UDP ports 27780 also allowing RF.exe is listed as a same or allowed program.

Port forwarding is usually in the "advanced" section of your router configuration settings or even "port forwarding". Additional help with forwarding ports can be found at http://portforward.com/ . Once you find the port forwarding section, you may see something like "Add TCP Entry" or "Add UDP Entry", or just simply "Add Entry." When you find that, you may proceed. You may see something like "external port", "local IP address", "internal port", and a choice of protocol between TCP and UDP.

- In the external port field, choose 27780.
- In the Local IP Address enter your computer's LAN or TCP/IP address.

(To find this, go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Network Connections -> and right click on the Lan or High-Speed internet connection: Select "Status" and click the support tab. There's your LAN or TCP/IP address.)

Note: If your address type reads "Automatic DHCP" or something, you may want to manually configure it. If your IP is manually configured (meaning it's always the same every time you boot up) then you can direct traffic to this address.

Now, in the "internal port" field type 27780. For the "protocol type", select TCP. Choose OK or save to confirm the change. Then try and create the same exact entry only with the UDP protocol choice. If you can't or don't want to, don't worry. Save and confirm all changes and make sure there are two entries utilizing ports 27780.

Firewall Settings
If you're using Microsoft Windows XP firewall, access it through Start menu -> Control Panel -> Windows firewall. In the Exceptions tab, choose "Add port". Call it "RF Online TCP" (or DDO), Port number 27780, click TCP and then OK. Choose "Add port" again, call the second one "RF Online UDP" (or DDO), port number 27780, click UDP and then OK. Click OK to finalize all of your settings. Go back into Windows Firewall settings to confirm that your 2 ports are opened.

Check that RF.exe is an allowed application through your Firewall Program

If you don't have Windows firewall but have another firewall program, you can still use this procedure within your software. Be sure to check your manual or help files about port exceptions from the relevant manufacturer.

In Some Cases however it has been discovered that Individual ISP’s have blocks or restrictions in the type of traffic that your are allowed or its Frequency.

If you are still experiencing disconnections please Contact your ISP requesting whether they restrict or block certain ports or if they control user bandwidth for certain connection types.



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